Rheem Australia have a complete range of Domestic and Commercial Hot Water Systems.

Trusted Brand

Rheem is one of the most trusted hot water system manufacturers in Australia. They have spent over 60 years building a hot water system brand which is so strong that people immediately associate it with experience, expertise and high quality. There’s a good reason why people all over Sydney immediately think of Rheem when they think of hot water systems and that’s because they have a well deserved reputation, always ensure their products are Australian made and offer an unparalleled level of service.

Massive Range

Rheem hot water systems are so popular among Sydney folk because they have the most superior hot water system range available! Rheem offer every kind of hot water system, including electric, gas and even solar powered systems. Their huge range includes everything from the Rheem Stellar gas hot water system, that has a first hour capacity of 360 litres, to the Rheem Optima electric hot water system, that are built to take advantage of off peak and night rate tariffs.

Warranty + Easy Repairs

The majority of Rheem hot water systems come with up to 10 year warranty, to ensure your hot water never stops running. If any problems occur and your hot water system requires repairs, it always helps to have a Rheem because every Sydney repairman is familiar with Rheem products and can typically have your unit up and running in no time.

Do yourself a favour and update your hot water system today to a Rheem, it’s the smartest decision you will ever make, guaranteed!