Hot Water Sydney has more than 15 years experience installing and repairing a full range of solar hot water systems. Solar water heaters utilise the free energy from the sun to provide your hot water.

Some electric systems can account for up to 70% of your electricity bill. We service and install all the solar hot water brands – Edwards Hot Water, Solahart, Rheem solar, Rinnai solar, Beasley solar, Gas boosted or electric boosted.

These types of hot water heaters are more environmentally friendly. There are two main types of solar hot water systems – close coupled and split systems.

Close coupled solar is when the whole system is installed on the roof, with the tank sitting above the solar collector panels. The sun heats the water as thermosyphoning moves it through the panels. There is minimal heat loss due to the direct heat transfer and there are no moving parts, meaning very few problems. To minimise the visual impact, the tank casing can be ordered in a variety of colours to blend with your roof.

Split system solar is when the storage tank is on the ground and the solar panels are on the roof, giving a more streamlined look to your roof. These models use a circulating pump to feed the water through the collector panels to heat up and then back to the storage tank. It is important with either system that it is installed correctly to gain maximum savings and hot water.

We have installed hundreds of solar hot water systems and have over 15 years practical experience servicing and repairing existing solar hot water heaters. Our fully trained plumbers and electricians can repair or replace your solar hot water system quickly and professionally. If your existing solar hot water system gets damaged in a hail storm Hot Water Sydney are fully licensed and recommended insurance repairers. We can also do emergency interim repairs to ensure you do not go without hot water.