Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water Heaters are relatively new to Sydney and work in a different way to the traditional solar collector plate that has been around for a long time.

Visually they look very different to the solar collector that is seen on traditional Solar Hot water Systems, with a series of long glass tubes not unlike large fluorescent tubes – the evacuated tube has two layers of glass with a small gap between the two layers. This gap is vacuum sealed in order to retain the sun’s energy within the tube and then heat the metal rod in the center of the tube.

Through the day as the sun shines on the evacuated tubes – which are all connected to a heat transfer manifold across the top of the system – the metal rods within increase in temperature and heat the water that is then pumped through the heat exchanger manifold and back to the tank on the ground.

These types of hot water systems are very energy efficient. With Evacuated Tube Solar Water Heaters more tubes can be added to increase solar efficiency. During the colder winter months and on consecutive cloudy days the storage tanks have an alternate back- up, electric or gas boosted.

As with all types of Hot Water Heaters it is important to have the system installed professionally in order to gain the maximum benefit from your investment.