Generally electric storage tanks range in size from 25 litres up to 400 litres. They are a very common type of hot water heater as they are simple in design and economical to install.

Many Sydney units will have a 50L or 80L electric model in the kitchen, laundry or a cupboard. They are fine for 1-2 people, but you will need to be mindful of having a limited hot water supply. If you have enough space or a bigger household, a 125L or 160L system will provide you with more hot water but will cost more to run.

Most Sydney houses would have the bigger tanks, 250L, 315L or the 400L models. Usually these electric water heaters are connected to off-peak electricity supply which gives a cheaper rate of electricity. Off peak supply is only available in times of low energy use – usually the middle of the night, heating and storing your water for use the next day. The larger electric hot water heaters can be twin element, so if you run out of hot water outside off-peak times, the top element will provide some hot water for you.