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Solahart Hot Water Systems

We are the solar hot water experts of Sydney

Our business started out as solar hot water installers over 25 years ago so we know what we are doing.


If you require a 5 year service on you Solahart hot water system or you do not have hot water call our experianced Solar hot water plumbers.


Solahart solar hot water systems come in two basic configurations, close coupled – where the tank and panels are on the roof or split system – where the tank is on the ground and only the solar panels are on the roof. It is important to choose the right type of system that suits your house best.Same day solar hot water repairs


Solahart Hot Water Systems have a strong following within Australia and world wide. From the mid 1970’s when the roof mounted ‘L’ series was released, Solahart have produced a large range of Gas and Electric Boosted Solar Hot Water Systems and Heat Pump Systems.

Solahart 302L , Solahart 302J, Solahart 302K, Solahart 302BCX11


Be sure to have your Solahart Solar hot water system installed by a qualified plumber to maximize your energy savings.

Have your 5 year services to your Solahart Solar hot water system by an authorised and qualified plumber to maximize your energy savings.


Little Bay Solahart solar hot water heater repairs and conversions


Newington Solahart solar hot water system gas repairs and replacement


Call Hot Water Sydney today. We have service vans in all areas of Sydney including the North Shore, Inner West, Eastern Suburbs and West.