Solar Hot Water & Heat Pump Small Scale Technology certificates (STC)

Small Scale Technology certificates (STC) credits can be claimed for qualifying Solar Hot Water Systems. Solar hot water systems or Heat Pump hot water systems attract the highest level of rebate and incentive as they produce the least greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. High efficiency gas hot water heaters are also a good alternative where a Solar Hot water System is not suitable.

The amount you can claim depends on what type of water heater you are switching from, what type of environmentally friendly solar hot water or Heat Pump product you are converting to, as well as the current STC value.

Small Scale Technology certificates are traded like a share and their value fluctuates. Solar and Heat Pump systems are given a STC point value, where the more energy efficient the product, the greater number of STC points awarded. The STC value of your hot water system can generally be deducted from the cost at the point of sale. Hot Water Maintenance Artarmon is an authorised agent. Solar Hot Water and Heat Pump systems receive different STC points depending on which zone they are to be installed in. Sydney and most of NSW is in Zone 3. STC credits are also a a good way to gauge how efficient a Solar Hot Water or Heat Pump System is as they are all rated independently of the manufacturer.

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