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Rheem Hot Water Systems

Not all water heaters are created equal. Rheem now moves further ahead with a 12 year cylinder warranty on selected heaters.

Rheem Australia have a complete range of Domestic and Commercial Hot Water Systems.

Whether you are looking for Stainless Steel Gas Hot Water Systems, Solar Hot Water Systems or Electric Hot Water Systems, Rheem’s comprehensive product range will have what you need.


We are hot water specialists that can offer our customers cheaper hot water solutions with locally made Australian hot water systems. Same day hot water service in Sydney for Rheem, Rinnai, Vulcan


Rheem Australia’s main range of hot water systems are Australian made and have gained a reputation of high quality and are built to last, choose from Rheems 7 year cylinder warranty or the ever popular heavy duty Rheem Stellar 12 year cylinder warranty.


Hot Water Sydney are Rheem service agents.


Rheem hot water heaters should be installed by a qualified plumber to ensure it provides you with plenty of hot water.


Some of Rheems Model Range:


Rheem Electric hot water systems, 191050, 191080, 191125, 191160, 491250, 491315, 491400, 192160, 492250, 492315, 492400


Rheem Electric Stainless Steel systems, 4A1050, 4A1080, 4A1125, 4A1160, 4A1250, 4A1315, 4A2250, 4A2315


Rheem Gas hot water systems, 300135, 300170, 347090, 347135, 347170, 850330, 850360


Rheem continious gas system, 876612, 876E16, 876620, 875624, 875E24, 875E24-FD, 875E24-FE, 875E26, 876627, 866627


Hot water Sydney are leading Rheem hot water plumber  specialists in the Sydney Metropolitan area, our technicians attend businesses and homes every day to install Rheem hot water heater - some of our recent Rheem hot water systems 


Waverton - Supply and install Rheem Stellar 850360 gas hot water system replacing Rheem 311170 gas hot water heater


Newtown - Supply and install Rheem 191125 electric hot water system - replacing Rheem 111125 Rheem hot water heater


Hornsby - Supply and install Rheem 491315 electric hot water system  - replacing Rheem 411315 electric hot water heater


Bronte - Supply and install Rheem 347135 gas hot water heater - replacing Rheem 811135 gas hot water system


Rose Bay - Supply and install Rheem 631265 gas hot water system - replacing Rheem 631275 gas hot water heater


Camperdown - Supply and install Rheem 191050 electric hot water heter - replacing Rheem 111050 electric hot water system


Ryde - Supply and install Rheem 52L300/2NPT solar hot water system - replacing Solahart 302L solar hot water heater


Forestville - Supply and install Rheem 4A1315 stainless steel electric hot water system - replacing Rheem 111315 electric hot water heater


Alexandria - Supply and install Rheem 4A1125 stainless steel electric hot water system - replacing Rheem 171125 electric hot water heater


Vaucluse - Supply and install Rheem gas comercial 631275 - replacing Rheem gas comercial 631275


Whale Beach - Supply and install Rheem 491315 - replacing Rheem 411315 electric hot water system


Failight - Supply and install Rheem metro 16 gas continious hot water system - replacing Bosch internal gas instantaneous hot water heater