Hot Water Sydney installs and repairs a full range of gas continuous flow hot water systems.

The Rheem Integrity 27 continuous flow instantaneous gas water heater has a 5.8 star energy rating and gives you unlimited hot water. All models have a digital diagnostic display for easier servicing. These continuous flow hot water heaters carry a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger and also known as tankless hot water systems. They don’t store the water but rather instantly heat it when you need it. Commercial models can deliver temperatures up to 82 C.

Rheem gas instant systems come in a variety of sizes to suit homes with one bathroom or many. You can adjust the water temperature for your needs giving plenty of hot water in the kitchen and protecting young children or the elderly from scalding accidents in the bathroom.

The Rheem Integrity gas hot water system is extremely compact and ideal for places with limited space. Your Rheem instantaneous gas water heater should be installed by a qualified plumber to ensure it provides you with endless hot water.