Is your electricity bill getting bigger?

Did you know that electric hot water systems can be responsible for 80% of your electricity consumption and are also being phased out in 2011. The State and Federal Government have only committed to solar hot water rebates to 2011. After this time when your electric hot water system needs replacing all catagory one homes must install an environmentally friendly hot water system.

It has never been more affordable to switch to a solar hot water system. Not only will you save money on your electricity bill you will be reducing green house emissions and doing your part in helping save the environment. Contact us for more information and get a quote today.

Hot Water Sydney services and repairs a lage range of solar hot water systems including, Rheem solar, Edwards solar, Rinnai solar, Bosch solar, Aquamax solar, Hills solar, Apricus solar, evacuated tube solar hot water, flat plate solar hot water. Start saving money today.